Timmy Rubin – getting a “Get”, and new pre-nuptial

The SHTICK S29-05 Seg.3 Timmy Rubin speaks about getting a “Get”, and new pre-nuptial


Timmy Rubin, an Inspirational Speaker, Mikvah Manager and Prison Chaplin always inspires and informs our viewers, with End Music from the Leibler Yavneh Acapella Choir.




2 comments on “Timmy Rubin – getting a “Get”, and new pre-nuptial

  1. Hi Timmy.
    You are inspirational!
    42 years ago you and I partied at your sisters wedding. I loved your Mum. Would love to know more about her.
    Not sure you remember me but I love your leadership presence and who you are today from the internet
    I am married 39 years. Live in Philadelphia. Have 2 amazing children, 8 grandchildren and I believe I am the luckiest person I know! All because God has blessed me.


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