Show times on Channel 31 (Digital 44):

Sunday – 8.00 pm
Monday – 12.00 Midnight
Wednesday – 12.00 Noon


The SHTICK is a showcase of community events, information and entertainment for the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Screened three times a week on Melbourne Community Channel 31, it is a valuable resource that provides the wider community with a documented historical link to modern Jewish culture and events.

The only constant and regular face of our diversely vibrant Jewish community on TV and online, THE SHTICK does more than just offers an entertaining show rich in arts, culture, information and music that attracts the youth of today. It also draws on the spiritual wealth and depth of Judaism, to provide an on-screen forum for Jewish talent, as well as a continual, documented, insight into local Jewish life, organisations and personalities.

A long running TV show that was launched in July 2004, THE SHTICK, led by Henry Greener, has put to air over 560 shows, each week presenting a new and diverse topic. Now well into its 54th Season on Channel 31 and online, THE SHTICK is easily accessible to everyone and can be viewed anytime, anywhere from any device on our YouTube Channel TheShtick TV.

Over the years, we have had great success with our show and now that we will be incorporating live TV streaming, with the use of social media, THE SHTICK has the potential and ability to reach a greater worldwide audience.

Channel 31 is still alive until June 2020 after another reprieve from the Government and will probably survive on another platform for a better future outcome, but this cannot happen without the support of the wider community. As Oz Shalom TV Inc. is a not for profit incorporated association, our funds and resources are limited. Therefore we welcome community participation, be it either hands-on behind the scenes, as a viewer, a member, or more importantly as a sponsor, which is fully tax deductible.