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THE SHTICK” is a 30-minute television program, screened twice weekly on Melbourne Community Channel 31. It is a showcase of humor, music, interviews, community events, information, and entertainment for the wider Jewish community and offers an opportunity to have a valuable link to their culture.


As the face of the Jewish community on TV, and online, The Shtick provides an on-screen arena for Jewish talent, a link for youth, and an insight into local Jewish life, organizations, and personalities.


With a mission to entertain, inform and foster understanding and cohesion within the diverse Jewish and wider multi-cultural Australia, The Shtick is the only television production to regularly emanate from the Jewish Community of Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia or the entire Southern Hemisphere for that matter.


 Colorful elements of comedy, culture and music, woven into the fabric of the show all serve to draw on the spiritual wealth and depth of Judaism.


Since August 2004, The Shtick production team, led by Henry Greener, has put to air over 770 shows, each with fresh and topical content. Now in its 74th Season on C31, The SHTICK can be viewed online anytime, anywhere on any device from our YouTube Channel TheShtick TV via the link from


The introduction of the digital broadcast of C31 has seen TV reception and reach improve significantly. Together with our website and use of social media, we now have a much improved and stronger avenue to reach a worldwide audience.


Since 2006 we have uploaded over 2500 Videos to our YouTube Channel TheShtick TV, which allows viewers to watch all our shows online and will be a valuable historical document as it is being archived for future generations.


The SHTICK is broadcast from C31 every Sunday at 5.30 pm and Repeats Tuesday at 1.00 pm. Despite misinformation, since our recent 6th Reprieve, C31 is still alive until the end of June 2023. With further lobbying and campaigning, it will survive on TV well into the future, and as technology improves we will transit to another platform for a better and brighter future outcome.


The vital importance of The Shtick as a digital media portal for the community cannot be understated, and its production depends on continued financial support from our valued Sponsors.


“The SHTICK” welcomes community participation on camera, behind the camera, as a viewer, member, or as a sponsor. Oz Shalom TV Inc. is a not-for-profit Incorporated Association, and Sponsorship is fully tax-deductible.

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Presenter and Producer

Henry Greener is the driving force behind The Shtick and has been involved since 2004.  He started as a cameraman, and shortly after became the producer of the program. Henry is currently also the main presenter.


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Editor and Videographer

Amit Rehak has been involved in the TV and media industry for more than 10 years. With a wide range of skills, Amit has extensive knowledge with broadcasting, video filming and editing, audio recording and online streaming. Amit is also working for SBS in Melbourne.


Food and Health Consultant

Sandra Dubs is a macrobiotic food consultant, with a rich and successful carrier within the wholefood industry. Sandra also has a marketing background and is our food and health maven.

Photographer & Director

Kendra Abay is a professional photographer and has past experience in TV as a director.

Social Media & Entertainment 

Vered Harel has a background in opera singing and entertainment. As an Israeli, Vered is familiar with the language and culture of Israel. She also has extensive experience in social media and social justice.   

Production Assistant

Rebecca McNally is an administrator with experience in corporate work and marketing online, with a flair for fundraising and public relations.

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