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TV Advertising and Sponsorship on THE SHTICK

Putting together a quality half hour show each week requires the commitment of a skilled and dedicated team. There are substantial time commitments of key members of the production team as well as direct production costs for editing and the use of production facilities.

Oz Shalom TV Inc requires the continual financial support of its Sponsors. Sponsorship on Channel 31 is a fully tax deductible business expense

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TV Advertising


TV Advertising on the Shtick

Sponsoring blocks of 15 and 30 seconds are available at $200 and $400 respectively. There is a maximum of sixty seconds available for advertising per show. Applicable to the first showing on Sunday of each week at 8.00 PM.

TV Advetising


Two sponsorship billboards are available as bookends totalling 15 seconds, one at the beginning and one at the end of the show, at $400 per episode.

Bookend Sponsors will receive permanent acknowledgement on The Shtick website sponsorship page.

We can arrange TV commercial production at competitive rates, if required.


Thank You to our Generous Sponsors

Classic Cinemas

Arnold, Bloch, Leibler

Peerless Foods

Helen Landau

Dan's Plants

Arnold Bloch Leibler Lawyers

Vayn Enterprises P/L

Neshama Life

Roger Mendelson

JL Group Holdings P/L

Marcus H Rose

A&E Finkel

Bileel P/L - Lee Liberman

Dr. Nigel Straus

Monica Edwards

Prushka Fast Debt Recovery

John Wolf

Sam Salcman

Dr. Danny Lamm

Gerard Max

Scott Winton Insurance

David Davidson

Morris Davidson

Geoffrey Kirschner

Debbie Dadon

Vintage Bazaar

Somercare - Harry Perelberg

Joseph Palmer - Eric Krause

Party Higher

Ruttner Nominees P/L


Ian Fayman

Adam Slonim

Rychter & Co.- Renny Richter

Alter Jazz Ensemble

Sonia Payes

Baba Schwartz

Nathan Cher

Dr Albert Rotstein

Dr Allan & Christine Zavod

Nice Pak Products - Lisa Tenenbaum

Studio MG - Mary Goldfarb

Barry & Barbara Landau

Barry Fink

Havi Rubinstein

Hodges Caulfield P/L - Golan Flamm

Kadoo P/L - David and Bindy Koadlow

CPI Group - Colin Edwards

S-Pac Andrew and Natalie Bassat

Blosim - Greg and Sarah Simon

True Music - Danny & Jenny Segal

Aaron Zaitman

Gary Peer & Associates P/L

Hocking Stuart Caulfield P/L

Sam Parasol

Tom Randa

Wolfstep Projects - Don Wolf

Peerless Foods Pty Ltd - Julius Rath

Australian Jewish Association-AJA

Zionist Federation of Australia

Charles Rose Jewellers

Mancave Storage

Generation Investments

Olenski Family

IronMan 4x4

Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd

Chabad House of Caulfield

Friends of Likud

Maccabi Victoria

Leonard Hamersfeld

True Music


Multicultural Commission of Victoria

Mortim Australia Pty.Ltd. (Ron and Dina Goldschlager)

Umbrella Entertainment

The Silman Group

The Coatman

Sires Menswear

Brian Hamersfeld

Melma and Bernie Hamersfeld

David Sebbag

Henry Jolson

Zionist Council of Victoria



G Magazine

Bendigo Bank Caulfield Park Community Bank Branch


Gary Peer & Associates

Greg & Anne Rosshandler

Lee Liberman Charitable Foundation

Rubin Partners

Robert and Jack Smorgon Families Foundation

Jagen Pty Ltd

Evercharge Pty Ltd

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